Oleta Kirk Abrams


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Oleta in Tampico, MX 1929 or 1930

Oleta and her mother Margaret Maxey Kirk, 1933

Oleta and Lois Gail, age 6

Oleta and her mother. Age 8 or 9

Oleta’s father, Howdie Kirk, in Afghanistan, 1938

Oleta and her Scottie, Wendy, 1939

Oleta, Howdie, and Maxey, 1949

Oleta and her grandfathers and Maxey, Becky and Jim, 1949

Becky, Maxey, Harry Anderson, Oleta, 

Betty (Elizabeth Asche Douglas), & Bill Anderson, 1956

Becky, Maxey, Oleta, & Muth, 1956

Mel, about 1957

Mel and Oleta, March 8, 1959

Lois Gail and Oleta

Oleta at the piano, 1970's

Santa and Oleta, 1970's. Still has those great legs!

Typical Oleta morning garden attire

Maxey and Ann McAndrews

Oleta and Mel, 1990's

Oleta, Jennie, and Mel, Sept 2000

Oleta stroking whale in Baja, 2001

Mel and Oleta, Maxey and Margie

The whole family, Christmas 200?

Rebecca and Oleta on Alaska cruise

Sasha and Frank

Alexander and Oleta, Christmas 2004