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June 2010 - Our schooner, The Stephen Taber, at the dock in Rockland.
June 2010 - Crew of the Stephen Taber, Tim, Jason, Sarah, Jake, Aimee, and Captain Noah Barnes.
June 2010 - View of other schooner through our rigging.
June 2010 - Aimee, our wonderful chef, presenting lunch.
June 2010 - Chicky, Kate, and Matt, musicians.
Jun 2010 - Movie (Zack) of Matt playing gypsy music on accordion..
June 2010 - Approaching the gam, gathering and raft-up of the schooner fleet.
June 2010 - Sunshine on raft-up of schooners.
June 2010 - Raft-up of schooners in silhouette.
Jun 2010 - Movie (Zack) of blues on the Stephen Taber..
June 2010 - Jamming for the gam (Toby - rhythm, and Tom - blues singer and guitarist).
June 2010 - Panorama of fleet anchored apart the next morning, sailing dingy looks tiny..
June 2010 - Zack in the galley.
June 2010 - Matt and Kate (musicians) and Wendy & Larry (our new aviator friends).
June 2010 - Going out in the handsome little wooden dingy, built by Capt Noah.
June 2010 - Zack and Larry helping raise anchor.
June 2010 - Dave & Zack on water casks.
June 2010 - Partial track of our travels. Lotsa tacking through narrow passage.
June 2010 - Larry & Wendys owner-built plane in hangar in Rockland.
June 2010 - Zack ready for his ride over Rockland.
June 2010 - View of Rockland docks and the Stephen Taber.
June 2010 - Zack, Dave & Larry, all back on the ground after flight over Rockland and islands.