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February 2006 - Proteas in Lahiana supermarket
February 2006 - Tropical flowers at Hana
February 2006 - Rebecca on our condo balcony in Napili
February 2006 - Dave & Rebecca with leis
February 2006 - Rebecca with rental car going up Haleakela volcano
February 2006 - Dave & Rebecca at Haleakela summit
February 2006 - Silversword at 10,000 feet
February 2006 - Haleakela crater view
February 2006 - Panorama of Haleakela crater.
February 2006 - Bridget, Dave & Rebecca at the Gaskell Society Ball
January 2006 - Rebecca and Tucker at the Holland`s
January 2006 - Evie and grandma Nancy at kitchen table
January 2006 - Robin, Melvin, and Tucker at the Holland`s
January 2006 - Nancy and Rebecca at kitchen table at the Holland`s
January 2006 - Rebecca, Nancy, and Melvin at wooden bridge in Old Salem, NC
January 2006 - Bill Rawles, Dave, and Nancy Rawles during North Carolina visit
January 2006 - Nancy, Dave, and Melvin at Shell Station
December 2005 - Dave and Rebecca at New Years dinner with S-H gang
December 2005 - S-H (East Bay) gang at New Years dinner
December 2005 - Rebecca doing what she loves best, birthin babies
December 2005 - Rebecca with Noomi & Risto Forsberg and children Madeline & Joakim from Sweden who visted us and the dogs at Bateman St
December 2005 - Rebecca and Dave visiting with the Forsbergs
December 2005 - Buster, the old but spunky Yorkie/Silkie
December 2005 - Biscotti Christmas tree we made
December 2005 - Rebecca and Morgan decorating the xmas tree at Bateman St
October 2005 - Boy Cat posing amid the halloween decor
October 2005 - Morgan as an angel and Buster as Superman, greeted the trick-or-treaters in costume